Chamber music under the magnifying glass

On their debut album ‘Magnified’ Beatrix combine classical music with superior piano pop

The trio Beatrix Players, existing of three young ladies, lives in London but they all come from totally different parts of the world. “I am English from Stoke-on-Trent” tells us the charming singer Amy Birks in a good mood – but our cello player Amanda is from Madrid and Jess, the piano player is Australian.” They all met in London and decided to form a band, in the beginning on a much more conventional level. “We had a drummer and a guitar player, we were a rock band with a lot of cello. But we realized that the magic entered our playing whenever we played as a trio. Sometimes we have more musicians on stage when we play live and even on the record we have drums on some tracks. We differ in our live performances: chamber music evenings and bigger shows with more musicians.”

Besides the emotional and touching songs it is the superior sound of the album that takes the listeners under the spell and gives all tracks the room for development needed. We asked who was sitting behind the musical control knobs, Amy is laughing: “we did it ourselves”  she is telling us full of pride: “we thought we will achieve the best results if we are doing it ourselves as we know how our sound should be. But we had someone professional mixing it, I have to admit”.

Their name doesn’t come from some historical or mystic figure. All three wanted to emphasize all strong female characters who had the additional name Beatrix ( in Latin: Viatrix). From holy women martyr all the way to Tarantino’s female killers.

No wonder the themes in their lyrics are extensive and global: “my stories are inspired by classical literature – I do admire the Bronté sisters a lot – but the stories are also quite normal due to experiences, lover’s grief and heartbreaking stories and of people I know. I do process both.”

Talking about their musical idols, some names are mentioned more often. Everyone expects Tori Amos or Kate Bush as the sound and songs remind a bit of them but Amy talks about Natalie Merchant, telling us that her dark folk is a big inspiration and she is also mentioning the singer/songwriter Don McLean and the Trip-Hop Band Mazzy Star. “Of course, these influences will be found in our songs but also the classical education Amanda has had as a cello playeris very important for our composing.” And all songs are, proven by Beatrix Players on Magnified are inventive, original and exquisitely enchanting.

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