About Us

Like stepping into a dark fairy tale -experience the subtly unnerving, passionately moving music of the Beatrix Players. This all female trio combine dramatic piano, strong cello and heady vocals, using dark melodies to tell their stories of real life and fantasy. Influenced by a love of film scores and classical composition, the three experiment with different styles of acoustic folk and pop to create music not for the faint hearted.

Beatrix Players invite you to immerse yourself in their world, be it only for a few minutes at a time.


Jess Kennedy

Beatrix Players, Jess Kennedy

Beatrix Players @ The Old Queens Head, London Folk Night

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Jess has always had a creative imagination, happily spending hours making up plays, musicals and puppet shows in the backyard for her little sister to star in and her toys and parents to be audience to. Jess started writing music as a teenager, composing piano-based instrumentals – influenced by her classical training, interest in celtic folk music and love of the dramatic. Over the years, Jess has collaborated with many musicians and ensembles (currently also playing with London-based band – Swallow and the Wolf), and has drawn upon this varied experience to help develop the music of the Beatrix Players. Jess lives in Hackney, East London, attracted to the sense of community and creativity that is alive there. When not playing music, Jess works as an environmental consultant, working with companies and projects to help them become more sustainable. Jess is also an experienced music teacher, teaching piano and flute to students of all ages. Jess is known for her colourful clothes and signature bad dance moves :)


Amy White

Amy White Beatrix Players

Beatrix Players @ Make Believe Festival 2013

Attending piano lessons with twin brother Tom and putting on displays of Michael Jackson, with the help of the heavily varnished living room floorboards, Amy started performing from an early age, attending her first piano recital at the age of 11 with a rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters. It was shortly after that Amy began to sing in the local church choir in her hometown of Stoke-on-Trent, where she soon found her real passion…singing.

Before attending university to study Music Technology, Amy was very fortunate to meet and learn from some great musicians and bands. One writer in particular which influenced her drive to succeed as a songwriter was Brian Tatler; writer and guitarist of Diamond Head. The sessions spent with Brian and friend and guitarist Will Brettell, without doubt sealed Amy’s desire to be a singer songwriter. Highlights so far; Performing for the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh for the Queens 80th Birthday celebrations back in 2006 with co-writers Tom Manning & Helena Dove from Staffordshire University. “This was a moment I will never forget. I remember it like it was yesterday. The Duke of Edinburgh was late for our performance and he got a bit of a telling off from her Majesty, so we were asked to play it again. Asked for an encore by the Royal household! Priceless!” Also, “When tracks such as Unpolished Pearl and Ophelia were born will always shine through as a moment to be proud of and where the start of Beatrix Players and the Kennedy/ White writing partnership really took shape.” By day, Amy is an Application Designer for trading platforms.

Amy is known for her obsession with antiques & and gardening. Not very Rock ‘n’ Roll!


Amanda Alvarez

Amanda Alvarez Beatrix Players

Beatrix Players @ Make Believe Festival 2013

Amanda grew up in Madrid, Spain where music was always present at home. Amanda was always encouraged to develop their creative abilities. She stumbled across different instruments, but it was love at first play when the cello appeared! She moved to London not knowing what to expect and 4 years later she’s still loving every minute, especially with the Beatrix Players. Amanda has a love for the classics and so you’ll probably find her playing to some Bach cello suits in the back room or eating! “Love food & love a bit of Bach :)

Amanda is a Marketing Manager by day, Cellist by night. Final comment: “Good music, good food and good friends!”