New ideas are a sizzling in the Beatrix house!

After a sunny break in Italy, I’ve been writing again. And what do you know, so has Jess! I just love it when two ideas, even though they’ve been written thousands of miles apart fit together like a glove! With a little bit of manoeuvrings of course :)

I have a feeling that Jess, has quite a few more melodies hidden not so far up her sleeve, so I cannot stop now! Lyrics come and go with me. When they’re teetering on the edge, I just have to grab them quickly before they vamoose. If I catch them in time, I tend to capture them quickly, with no pondering as my mind sets like concrete. Stubborn mind you see.

Anyway, we will see…

There’s a lot of energy in the camp!! New musicians, music retreats to escape to and BIG ideas for our forthcoming launch party later on this Autumn.

With our first gig (Standon Calling) for quite a few months booked and the video and ep almost complete, we’re getting ready to grace London with a full rack of new goodies so please keep your eyes and ears peeled for further announcements.

Chat soon,